The parallel between our health & our environment cannot be divided…

Choose an approach to health that will benefit you and the world. 

The Key Principles of an Eco-sustainable Holistic Health Model

Intentional Action Breeds Progress

Small steps of courageous momentum is the foundation for lasting change, and heart-led action prompts behavior modification.

A Healthy Environment is Essential

Reduction of toxin exposure, both relational and environmental, leads o a nourished mind, body and planet.

A Holistic Approach is Best

Focus on diet and exercise alone are not sufficient for optimal health. True nourishment starts from the inside out and requires a holistic approach.

Wellness as a Continuum

Life is a journey of truth & self-discovery for which true fulfillment can only be obtained through joy and purposeful action.

Safety & Connection are Key

True release requires a calm nervous system, alignment with values, healthy connections and harmony with nature.

Proper Perspective brings Peace

Perfectionism is an illusion designed to keep you paralyzed and shame is a prison underserving of your boundless love.

Feel Empowered to take your health to new heights by focusing on health beyond just the scale and the plate; focus on a multi-dimensional approach to health, healing, and growth.

Mindful Movement: Fitness for Longevity

Eco-Sustainable Lifestyle: Addressing Environmental Aspects of Health

Holistic Health: From the Inside Out

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Lashanda assisted me with getting organized. She reminded me about setting good habits such as healthy and nutritious eating. Working on time management helped to relieve a lot of stress and made me feel confident. I am hopeful now that I will succeed with these new skills she instilled in me.

Camille S., Entrepreneur

Lashanda is an excellent listener and allowed me to think and answer questions with honesty.  She held space for me as I navigated through challenging thoughts and emotions and encouraged me to dig deeper to find my truth.  Lashanda’s soft and encouraging nature made me feel safe as she guided me to come up with my own realistic goals.  I enjoyed having a weekly session with her as it held me accountable for my progress. Lashanda helped me to focus on my goals and how to bring them to light.  I highly recommend her for coaching sessions to bring clarity to your life. 

Julie R., Professional & Rights Advocate 

Lashanda is an asset to the field of coaching and health guidance.  Not only is she passionate with a listening ear, but she is also patient while holding space for self-actualization.  In our weekly sessions, Lashanda helped me to determine what my life is in need of in the present moment.  She worked me through the necessary steps to get me out of my comfort zone and back into life’s progression.  She also assisted in determining where I may best make little changes to my daily routine, to lead me where I see my future self.  Lashanda worked with me to bring my intentions to the forefront so that my course would appeal to my personal callings.  I am grateful for the efforts she extended to me.

Katey M., Writer

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