Transitioning to an eco-sustainable lifestyle can be challenging but we can do it, one step at a time.

Today, let’s look at a nice homemade toothpaste. 


Cleaning our teeth is essential for optimal health.  Not only is it important if you ever want to be around people for good conversation, but it has even been linked to different diseases.  After being sick for many years with many issues, including Achalasia, my gum health declined.  So, the choice to switch to a homemade toothpaste was not only a deliberate one that would give me control over what I was putting in my mouth, it would also be something I could create to best support restoring the health of my mouth after illness. Now, please note, I am not a dentist, dental technician or someone who has been trained to help other people care for their teeth.  So, this recipe, while great for us, is only based upon studies and not a formal education.

So please, consult your dental professionals prior to making any changes.  

Still, there are so many reasons to consider making your own toothpaste.  First and foremost, you know what is in the recipe, because you made it!  Two, it means you can buy the ingredients in bulk and save money over the longhaul by making recipe yourself.  Not only does this save money on he product, but it saves on emissions as well.  Lastly, it is a great way to reduce your footprint.  As you know, here on this blog, we are all about finding ways to improve your health, the health of your family and community and the Earth in the most responsible way possible.  This recipe hits on all three of those major points! 

Below you will two versions of the recipe. The first is my recipe and the second is for my little guy. Just as with my food recipes, I am a firm believer that everyone is different, so please adjust the recipe accordingly. 

The Recipe 

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2 TBSPN Bentonite clay

All For Mama

So, here is my recipe.  It has peppermint and cinnamon, but you can always add items like clove instead. 

The Basic Essentials Recipe –

Great For Kids

So, you may have noticed, I did not reference the bentonite clay for my recipe.  There is mixed reviews for this items for the efficacy of this with dental health.  Therefore, I gave you the recipe with all the items key to optimal health that is great for kids as well as adults.  Clove is also a great option for adults if you are not a fan of cinnamon. 

My Final Thoughts

So, try it out and see

if these work for you, after having a conversation with your dentist of course.  In addition to these toothpaste options, keep in mind that water flossing can also be a great option to supplement with your dental care routine.  Using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide can also be a beneficial as well.  



Some use essential oils in their homemade toothpaste, but that does not seem like a safe option to me; I use herbs like peppermint in powdered form.

Lastly, finding a good toothbrush option is key to both your health and that of our beautiful planet.  Switching to a bamboo toothbrush* will help to reduce the amount of plastic waste being accumulated in our world. Trying to find one that is compostable is ideal and soft bristles help those who are heavy handed when brushing to not cause too much damage to their teeth and gums. Let me know the recipes you use and the difference you have seen with your teeth below.
Until next time, keep making progress, one step at a time.

Note: Honesty is very important, therefore I want to let you know that for any use of some of the links provided, I will get a small commission at no expense to you for items purchased. Only links that will provide you true values, save you time, reduce your stress, bolster your health and support you and the planet through eco-holistic principles will be posted. Values are important. 

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