Anna’s Hope Corner

Note: By allowing myself to be in a toxic relationship, I suffered a loss from which I thought I would never heal.  From it, Anna’s Hope was born.  Here I try to provide encouragement, meeting women where they may be at in a time of struggle and challenge.  Please note that this will not resonate with everyone, but for those for which it does, may you find joy in the midst of it all.

Welcome to Anna’s Hope Corner

Often in life, we go through situations that leave us broken or with regret. Sometimes the wounds are self-inflicted, but many times, it was not something we could not have prevented.

In either circumstance, we will not be able to truly heal emotionally without deeper self-work. As our state of mind affects our physical bodies, our ability to heal physically would be further compromised.

That is where the concept behind “Escapes of Praise” was born.

Here at Anna’s Hope Corner, you can get lost in poems designed to aid in the release of emotional baggage, helping you to let go of what has hurt you. Whether you are a believer or not, these poems were created to ignite a sense of hope in the darkness, encouraging a sense of hope from deep within.

I encourage you to seek medical attention from a professional if you feel like you are drowning in sorrow. I have found journaling to be helpful and I encourage you to release what you hold deep within. Again, I am not a medical professional; I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any illness.

What I am is a survivor, who wants to let you know that there is light at the end. This was designed to bring encouragement to your heart.

You are a survivor. You are strong. You are worthy of kindness & love!

Escapes thru Praise

Life Can Be Challenging, But Through Your Sometimes Darken Perspective, You Can Find The Light Of The World, Waiting To Guide You Home. 

Through This Sight, Allow Your Heart To Open And Find Your Way Back To Where You Belong. 

No Pressure Here.  Just Read, Reflect And Heal. When You Feel Ready, We Are Here, But Most Importantly, HE Is Here.

Stay Encouraged. Out Of The Storm, You Will Arise A Warrior Of The Light, Armored To Help The Next Drowning In Plain Sight.  United We Stand As One Cohesive Body.  No Judgement Here; Just Love Calling.  

Please note: This was not designed to push any religious propaganda. It is simply a way I found healing and I wanted to share. If you are not a fan of the readings, maybe the mindful meditation section is more suitable to your liking. However, if you do choose to enjoy the poetry, I hope you find a sense of serenity after reading them.

It is an honor that you would take the time to read and meditate on them.

Blue Skies

Blue skies haunted by tainted memories of the past.
Teardrops stream down, causing an overcast.
Swallowed up by the presence of dark shadows in the night.
Whispers of pain and guilt haunt my every delight.
Gasping for air amongst the smoke.
Bottled in fear. Praying for hope.
When out of the shadows, a white light appears.
A magnificent image of a horse draws near.
All of a sudden, a hand reaches out and pulls me from the depths of my fears.
Showers me with love, and with one embrace, clears the sky.
I have seen the light, and it will never again escape my sight.

Finally Seen

Over the horizon, I felt a force calling to my heart for redemption.
Wallowing in fear for months, I felt as if no one could see me in my self-deception. A chamber of guilt.
A prison of shame, but still, I hear faint whispers of something calling my name.
I wandered towards the horizon, for the force beckoning me felt too strong to deny.
Upon my arrival, a stranger dressed in white stood on high.
Bright and radiant as a star, His hand reached out towards my broken heart.
Filled with desire, for comfort and peace, I reached towards the stranger and instantly felt His radiant energy consume me.
Doused in flames of pure light, no longer my guilt cast a shadow over my eyes.
The stranger smile and said peace forever more, for you have been washed clean in My sight.
You are loved. You are seen. You are forever a reflection of radiant beauty.

Barren Desert Bird Sings

The desert sun blazes upon me. My eyes scolded by its glare.
Exhausted and dehydrated, my body starts to fail me. Weak, tired, gasping for air.
My surroundings are barren sand and dust, shallow whispers of the wind.
My broken heart’s faint murmurs singing songs of sorrow as I wander through the blinding dust.
I fall to my knees, for how can I make it; the reality of my barrenness sets in.
Too weak to cry, too tired to scream, I come to terms with my pending end.
As I lay weaken without a shred of hope, a subtle whisper starts to chime in.
Looking up to investigate, I feel the radiance of a brilliant bright light; distance it appears, as I seek its sight.
Growing in intensity with each passing moment, my once silenced heart starts to glee.
Body shaking, arm extending. Hope returns to me.
The love I craved for so long suddenly feels so dear. Thirst quenched, pain subsides.
For the one they say brings healing and hope has finally come to open my heart and free my battered mind.

You Judge Me… He Loves Me

You don’t see me. You see wounds. You see scars, marks, and bruises.
You laugh at my demise and smile at my pain.
You sing shouts of joy when I came doused with rain.
No shred of kindness crosses your lips.
No acts of encouragement ever compel you to lend a hand when I slip.
In silence, I suffered but not anymore. For my search for love has finally led me to the door.
Through this door, I have found redemption, hope, love, and grace.
No judgment, no shame.. .. .. no disgrace.
For I have found the love of Jesus, redeemed by His blood.
He sees me as no human being has seen me before… as a human deserving of love.

Manifestations of the Heart

Manifestations of the heart seem to slowly devour me.
Reflected in the Mirror as scars, swelling and subtle hints of misuse and abuse on my face,
I smile to hide wounds of a life graced with rain. Nightmares and visions of trauma pass, still haunt me despite the time-lapse. 
I tell myself everything is alright; all is well. I encourage others for helping them will bring meaning thru my despair.
Yet, my body knows the deep-rooted scars of this life, and after a time of crying out in vain, it begins to go on strike.
Demonstrating its protest of my false facade, it shuts down its processes until my physical appearance reflects my innermost scars.
Pain, groans, and tears in the night echo the false reality that I hold so dear. For I know the truth is, I am not yet healed. 
The physiological manifestations of my life I can no longer hide.  Now you see me for who I truly am…A warrior fighting the war of her life.  

Lost, Withered Rose Of Dampened Light

Lost beneath the pile of rubble that was created in my attempts to hide my shame.
This is where I lay. Stuck. Stuck deep between to rocks, jagged and rough, they slice at my soul.
Drowning. Drowning in the blood of my scars. Well, scars of the past and have healed so, it is much more appropriate to say, I am drowning beneath the wounds’ overflow of this broken flesh today.
Truth. The truth is, although I lie here in my sorrow, exposed in my pain. This journey has another character waiting for my self-loathing and hollowness to end. No, he’s not. He’s waiting for me to reach out my hand and grasp His in my pain, fully exposing my self-hatred and shame. It will tear wounds deeper into my flesh, but upon escape, my flesh will heal, and the overwhelming power and love He brings will strengthen my soul once again, when I am finally willing to let Him in.
For now, He waits. As I use this moment to really examine the root cause of my systemic self-hatred, shame, and habit of self-blame. It is in these moments, I came to realize why this tree’s roots are planted so deep. It is from that moment on, I began to unearth the seed, re-nurture, re-water, and remove the weeds of someone else’s overflow of self-hatred and shame, restoring the innocence that was once still a flame. Helping to flourish my inner child, with seeds of truth, like I am beautiful, caring, valued, and loved.
Throughout the plowing, He keeps me in His sights. He knows, and He is there, allowing me to grow to new heights. Using my past to pave a way for those who follow.. All through my pain, He was there, allowing me to blossom. In maturity now, I stand, more reliable than ever, more clear-minded than I’ve ever been. Now, when I look in the mirror is a radiant light, a beacon of hope to help others know, they too shine bright.

– Reawakening –

As I lay restless under the night sky, I cannot help but wonder how life has passed me by. A bystander in my own motion picture film, I secretly wish for the credits to begin. The subtle whispers of the nightly breeze wash its cool touch over me. Yet, lifeless, I lay under the bright starry sky as its gleaming inhabitants twinkle over my eyes. How could I be of significance in a world full of wondrous beauty and thrill? How can I make a ripple effect when my sphere of influence never dears to leave my chest. Desperate, I cling to a symbol of hope, but if I read it, will it birth hope? For decades I have laid lifeless waiting for numbness to change, could this all vanish with the turn of a page? My redden eyes glare as a gasp for love, but all that is relayed is wisdom from above. I close my eyes and meditate on the words, then suddenly, a warmth covers my soul. When my eyes reopen, my circumstances have not changed, but this feeling of newfound security and light lightens my pain. In repetition, this warmth becomes my norm, and I soon find rest has overtaken my soul. Now, time seems different, and in my motion picture’s edge, I stand as a gleaming symbol of the touch from Your loving hands.

Mended Broken Wings

I am seeking to find the person behind the mask. She is covered. Drowning in the expectation of others, trapped with the mask of insecurity placed upon her face from birth. No. From the age of introduction to societal norms for which she is trained to conform without a second thought. But this is not me. Why must I hide my uniqueness to the sameness of others when I have the potential to soar. My wings are rusty for sitting still; my ears are deaf to the sounds of thrill. My eyes are covered by the blackened veil, my heart is hurting from the burden of self-betrayal. My soul is hollow, muted, and dampened. It yearns to be heard and set free. It yearns for me to awaken from this restful sleep. My soul desires me to live as “me.” No one can establish that definition except for me. Only I can make the choice to be set free. The mask must fall, the veil must break, and as I begin to stand up for the first time, I see the light of day. The dawn has come, my wings are repaired, my spirit sings a song of gladness for my heart is no longer in despair. I am bold. I am awake. I am alive, and as I begin my ascend towards the clouds of self-discovery, my desires, and my goals, I noticed behind me a hand guiding me gently as I soar.
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