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Hi, I’m Lashanda, a mom, passionate about transitioning to an eco-sustainable lifestyle model, plant-based living, and travel. Thanks for visiting!

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Hi, I’m Lashanda. Having a son and seeing all the many issues our current lifestyle is having on the earth made me want to do better. I want to move towards living a eco-friendly, ethically sustainable, plant-based, plastic minimalistic and more homemade lifestyle model. So, I began searching but soon realized that this would be harder than I though. Now, I am sharing my journey with you in hopes that you will have less frustration trying to transition to a lifestyle with a smaller footprint. Nope, I am not perfect and I am not looking to be, but I am hoping that my small changes will inspire others to make small changes. Together, those small changes will have a big, positive impact on our kids, future generations and the planet. If you do not mind my randomness, join the journey.

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