Coaching Through Empowerment 

Helping women find a balance using eco-sustainable holistic model and coaching principles for wellness and wholeness.

What is Eco-sustainable Holistic Health Coaching? Is it Right for Me?

It is not secret that our environment influences our health.  Yet, so often we neglect to give adequate attention to our needs beyond the plate and work out DVDs.  Health is so much more than just diet and exercise.  It is all encompassing and when we choose to marry this holistic approach of attending to our mental, emotional, social, intrinsic why, and physical acts of self-care with principles of equity, social responsibility, and earth friendly principles, a new sense of wholeness and wellness can be achieved.  Living life through our values with intentional actions designed to help us, our community and our planet thrive breeds self-confidence, self-efficacy and empowerment.  If you are looking to restore your health through practices that promote longevity whilst acknowledging your desires for a eco-friendly, ethically sustainable lifestyle model, this coaching program is for you.  

The Holistic Lee Model For Wellness

Coaching Services

I offer three coaching services.  Choose the one that is right for you and let’s begin your journey to achieving a state of optimal wellness.

Empowered Survivor: Forging a Journey of Eco-Sustainability to Reclaim Your Health After Sexual Abuse

Empowered Leader: Prioritizing Your Health to Amplify Your Positional Influence

Recipe & Eco-Sustainable Living Corner 

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A Cleaning Tale

Transitioning to an eco-sustainable lifestyle can be challenging but we can do it, one step at a time. Today, let's look at cleaning options.   Cleaning.  It is a necessary part of life.  Switching to an alternative cleaning agent is great but there are so many...

Simple Things are Hard to Find

Transitioning to an eco-sustainable lifestyle can be challenging but we can do it, one step at a time. Today, let's look at shopping options.   This transition is continuing and to progress my transition, I have even come up with a homemade bread recipe. There...

Vegan Buckwheat Oat Bread

RecipesKeep it simple and enjoy life! My motto is you know your tastebuds better than I do. This is just the canvas, turn it into your own masterpiece and enjoy! Let me know how you made it your own! Let's enjoy and thrive together!Bread Machine Vegan/PB Buckwheat Oat...


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