Empowerment Coaching For Women

Welcome to the 21st Century Approach to coaching, designed to better your health and that of the planet. 


Stay on track for your wellness goals with continuous support. 

Ok, but What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

Health and Wellness Coaching is an exploration of self-discovery designed to get you from where you are to an optimal state of wellness as defined by YOU.

As someone who has personally had many health challenges and chronic conditions, I understand that it can be a challenge to re-image yourself as healthy after an autoimmune, chronic diagnose, drastic life changes or stressful life circumstances or even sexual abuse but you can restore your health.  

Let health and wellness coaching supports you in achieving your wellness goals through a combination of empowerment and accountability. Its not about starvation, depravity, self-shaming, betting yourself up, or setting unrealistic expectations.  It is about using a better way to form lasting habits for lifelong success. 


Health is more than just diet and exercise; it is all-encompassing. 

What makes your approach different?

True abundance of health requires harmony within and with nature.  Think about it, we are what we eat, we think like those closes to us, our hormones are negatively impacted by our home or environment, and our community’s ability to thrive impacts our livelihood just as much as our social connectedness.  The current state of the planet, our mental health, and our physical wellbeing is calling for a new way of living.  An eco holistic approach that is sustainable not only for you and your family but the world around us.  Try a coaching approach designed to build self-efficacy through empowerment, supporting all aspects of wellness: mental, physical, emotional, social, environmental, and beyond.

How do I know it is right for me?

How coaching can benefit me?

  • Want to live in alignment with your values while achieving your health goals.
  • What to improve your health without negatively impacting the environment. 
  • You want to take control of your stress levels.
  • You are ready to improve your health with real food without starvation.
  • You need better balance in with your work-life priorities.
  • You want support during or after a health crisis to find a new norm as your restore your health.
  • You want support with re-establishing healthy boundaries.

 Wellness Coaching Packages

Want more than just coaching?  Try these packages to augment your wellness coaching. 

Wellness Jumpstart Program

If you need a boost to get you towards your wellness goals, this wellness Jumpstart Program is for you! Make the habit-forming changes that will support your wellbeing for the long haul.

Choose this program to gain:

  • Increased Energy
  • Better Mental Clarity
  • Get a Leg up on Health Goal Achievement

All Programs Includes:

  • Weekly sessions
  • Supplemental materials to support your health and wellness goals. 

Empowered Healthy Woman: Coaching Package

Feel empowered to take your health to new heights by focusing on health beyond just the scale. Receive support with health goal achievement through the lens of eco-sustainable principles from a holistic perspective. Choose a program that delivers lasting results.

  • Build Self-efficacy through goal achievement
  • Establish health connections
  • Eliminate environmental toxins
  • Establish a healthy relationship with whole foods
  • Have accountability 
  • Make intentional progress through value-based action

 Encouragement Corner

Knowledge is Power and Coaching Breeds Empowerment

True health and wellness coaching breeds empowerment. Below is my coaching declaration.

Through a desire to co-create a new definition of self-image through a journey of self-discovery in the midst of seemingly endless challenges, I vow to support others as they re-image what and who they can be, never letting autoimmune disorders, past traumas, or chronic conditions detract from their self-worth or their ability to attain a state of optimal wellness. We all have the inherent right and potential to thrive, and if you so choose, I will serve as your guide towards your best self.

Just Start

Progress happens when you decide to move. Perfection does not lead to progress. Action leads to progress. Get intentional about your goals and I will keep you on course.

Nothing will change until you take the first step. It’s up to you.


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