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How can Women Business Owners & Entrepreneurs benefit from Health & Wellness Coaching professionally?  Do I really need it?

The “Why” Behind the Niche

As a professional, you are busy.  You have work responsibilities and often times, a family to care for at home.  You are active in your community and ensure those you lead or serve get taken care of without fail.  You are a Rockstar, but truth be told, this can come at a high cost; it can cost your health.  Sure your intentions are good and you may balance many plates with ease, but for those times when the weight of the world seems daunting, having someone keeping you accountable for prioritizing your health is essential. That’s where I come in.


  • Better manage stress
  • Boost healthful habits
  • Avoid or overcome burnout
  • Better balance work-life priorities
  • Time management 
  • Support during unexpected crisis or circumstances  

What I Can Help You With



Time Efficiency

Self-care Management

Stress Management

Healthful Habits

Work-Life Balance

My Approach to Coaching

True wealth and prosperity cannot be achieved without emphasizing your health.  Either you pay for your self-neglect upfront or down the road, but sooner or later the decline in your health will manifest itself in the form of medical bills, fatigue, or lack of confidence, all of which impact your bottom line.

My approach to coaching focuses on supporting your prosperity of health and wealth through personalized plans for reducing your stress, empowering you to re-examine your priorities.  This strategic approach of restructuring your priorities will bolster your health and support business advancement.

Expand Your Sales, Marketing, & Networking Reach By Putting Yourself First

When you have the energy, stamina and confidence to lock in business deals and oversee your company’s priorities, you are an unstoppable force.  Now is the time to prioritize your health to secure a future of prosperity and vitality. 

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

Try an approach that focuses on supporting your prosperity of health and wealth through personalized plans for reducing your stress, bolstering your confidence, and re-examining your approach to task prioritization. 

This strategic approach to health enhancement through prioritization restructuring has helped clients thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. 

Choose an approach that is all inclusive.  Choose to prioritize your health today, and let the wealth follow.   

Get a jumpstart on your goals with the Entrepreneur 60-Day Rapid Wellness Reset 

A complement to Author Lashanda Lee’s book, Master Your Mind, Mind Your Message, this program will help you regain the clarity and focus you need to scale your business and support your clients, without sacrificing your own wellbeing.

You will gain insight for how to:

· Manage your stress effectively
· Boost your resiliency personally & professionally
· Revive your drive to serve your clients
· Regain clarity and focus
· Navigate and conquer unexpected crisis
· Thrive in the midst of the unexpected; avoid burnout

Extras Features 

Let Your Entrepreneurial Passion Ignite Your Desire For Achieving Optimal Wellness & Prosperity

You have the potential to achieve the extraordinary, serve others through your purpose and calling, and defy the laws of mediocrity, without sacrificing your health.

Reclaim your power, reignite your passion, and thrive across all domains of wellness when you employ Author Lashanda Lee’s simple approach to overcoming your mental hurdles to success.

Stress Reduction & Wellness Resources

Reduce your stress and make managing your business look easy with these great solutions.  All are great products I have personally tried to help me thrive both as a business owner and for my overall wellbeing.  They are all designed to bolster your health and your bottom line, saving your time and effort as you grow in your influence.  Try out some of these great options and let me know what you think.

Please note, I do receive a small compensation for sharing some of these links with you, but only share those which will benefit you and your team. After all, more time saved is more time for you to save the work, nurture your passion, spend with your loved ones, or tend to your health.



I Also Give Short Excerpts to Help You Manage Your Stress

Protect your online business with world-class insurance. 


Lashanda assisted me with getting organized. She reminded me about setting good habits such as healthy and nutritious eating. Working on time management helped to relieve a lot of stress and made me feel confident.  I am hopeful now that I will succeed with these new skills she instilled in me.


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