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What Does Knowledge Mean To You?

We all have the potential to learn and grow from someone else’s experience.  Choosing to explore different concepts leaves us open for mental expansion. 

Here we explore different perspectives and approaches to wellness rooted in evidence-based research to propel you further in your wellness journey for the long haul, with emphasis on topics often overlooked or misunderstood. 

Discovering The “Why” Behind Eco-Holistic Health

Taking A Moment To Discover How Our Choices Have a Ripple Effect of Impact… 

What is Eco Holistic Health?

There is so much information out there about eating well, but often the holistic picture of our habits is not assessed.  Here we example this principle in depth. 


~Wellucation Seminars~

Gain insight into factors that might be  impacting your health that your never consider before and ways to restore balanced to your body, mind and passionate spirit.  

It's Not Just What's On Your Plate

What we eat and how we move are important but it is not the whole story.  Learn more about what is impacting your waistline and how to beat the bulge.

The ABCs of A Plant Based Lifestyle

We all need a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to thrive.  Transitioning to a Plant-Based Lifestyle can leave you with questions of deficiencies. Listen to gain insight. 

The Silent Killer Among US

Learn the truth about the link between your emotions and your wellbeing and how to best mitigate it from negatively impacting your health.

Prosperity Through Purpose

To embrace your calling, you must have the right mindset to step into your purpose. This seminar is designed to help your readjust your mindset, tackle your blocks and step into your purpose.

Note: I am not a medicial professional and these programs are not intented to replace therapy or medical professional care nor are they intented to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. These programs are to support those ready to move forward, supplement their care, or as an addition to their wellness team/regimen.

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