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Never Allow your present circumstances to dictate your future reality

Whenever you feel like you are drowning under a sea of pressure, remember that the storm will not last forever.

Life has its ups and downs and even when you are on top of the world, our health or circumstances can take a turn for the worst in an instant.  

This is not something to be taken lightly. If professional help is needed, I employ you to seek counseling to overcome. But, when you are in the mental space to begin your journey back to achieving optimal health, whatever that looks like for you, a coach can help. 

Stress And Health Recovery Coaching Is For People Who Are Dealing With, Seeking To Overcome Or Conquer Seemingly Impossible Health Challenges.

How Can a Stress and Health Recovery Coach Support Me In My Goals?

Stress is a natural part of our existence and life is full of challenges. There must be balance or we will allow our circumstances to dictate our reality, often leading to our own self-demise. This does NOT have to be the case. We can choose to thrive in spite of our circumstances. Don’t believe me? Look at every person who did not allow their situation to dictate their ability to embrace life to the fullest and thrived. Bethany Hamilton lost her arm to a shark, but look at what she accomplished. Toni Braxton (who is amazing) is challenged with Lupus but still is an amazing Grammy-winning artist. If I were to try to name all the amazing people who have thrived in spite of their circumstances, I would be here all day, but I will name one more. You. Yes, YOU, have overcome amazing challenges and have been an inspiration to someone; at times someone you did not even know! Now, you have a new mountain to climb and there is no room to give up hope!

That’s Where I Come In!

I Specialize In Stress And Health Recovery Coaching.

It Is For People Who Are Dealing With, Seeking To Overcome Or Conquer Seemingly Impossible Health Challenges.

If you are dealing with chronic stress, overcoming traumas and want to recover you health, I have support people with:

  • Toxic Relationships

  • Chronic Work Stress (Overloaded)

  • Post Surgery Recovery

  • Health Challenges (Illness)

If left unchecked, the negative aspects of distress and culmative traumas can destroy us on a physiological level. All the above can put you in a state physical and mental decline.

I have designed programs to bring you back to a state of balance, peace and wholeness. Supporting you where you are, I use a combination of healthy coping skills, perspective shifts and other practical tools to help you.

Thrive in your profession, your relationships and your goals, while improving your overall wellbeing.

Get started in one of the programs today!

Stress & Health Recovery Coaching Packages 

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