Helping Hands

We are all intertwined in this intrinsic design called life.

Life can be complicated. Often fortuitous, unforeseen, or a series of unfortunate life events can lead us into a lifestyle we never anticipated. Other times, our current life circumstances transpire as the results of our societal upbringing, dealing us a hand-designed to minimize our potential, destroying the very spirit within, falsely programming us to believe we were meant to live life in a cage, but this logic is not sound. Every Life has value and we can make a difference, one small act of kindness at a time. We may not be able to change the world on our own, but we can make a difference in the life of one person with each and every act of kindness we display. Over time, these acts of kindness are repeated, causing a ripple effect across the world because one small act of kindness by a million, makes a huge impact.

Join me in raising awareness and helping to save and change lives around the world.

Stop Child Slavery

Change your perspective. Purchase clothes from stores that source their items through ethically made and moral practices can stop feeding the elite to overcharge you for items, while simultaneously robbing those who cannot defend themselves.

Join the fight to combat child labor.

Every little bit counts.

CHILD Slavery

How we can help now: Take to the time to pay attention of where our products come from and become a wise consumer.

How we can make a lasting impact:

Support local farmers often; then you know where your food comes from through established relationships (if possible).

If not, this one is tricky, but one way is to support the Child Labor Coalition or another organization that working to make a dent in this field.

NOTE: The Donation Is For Child Labor Coalition (CLC) And Does Not Benefit From Nor Is Affiliated With Holistic Lee Wellness. It Is Just A Cause Worth Supporting.

Sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence


Support initiatives designed to better the lives of others in need. 

How we can help now: Volunteer to connect with others right where they are, speaking life into them or supporting organizations like Rape Abuse and Incense National Network or United Way.

How we can change their lives:

Let’s support the efforts to build a tiny home community designed to help these ladies re-establish their lives and get on their feet. Providing them with community, counseling, job training, and placement in a safe shelter that is a home.

Want to sponsor a home? Find out how. After all, our actions could save lives.

NOTE: Holistic Lee Does Not Benefit From These Donations And Is Not Affiliated With United Way Or RAINN. They Are Just Causes She Feels Are Important To Support.

End Domestic Violence

Support those who have been negatively impacted by challenging circumstances in their life, often beyond their control.

End Sex Trafficking

We are human being with value and do not deserve to be mistreated.  Support an initiative to end human trafficking. 

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