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What Anchors You? 

Being centered, grounded, and connected to something large than yourself is key to optimal wellness.

Here we explore avenues to help you find your anchor on your journey to optimal wellness.

Discovering Your Anchor

Taking A Moment To Discover What Drives You…

Life is full of twists and turns, unpredictable situations, and unexpected heartbreaks.
Having something to keep you mentally grounded and emotionally stable through the raging storms of life, allows us to see situations in a better light.
This series is designed to help you discover stirs the fire to the deepest of your core that keeps you motivated, encouraged and in a positive mind frame.

Join me on this journey of self-reflection & self-discovery.

Introduction Video: What anchors us?

Exploration Through Practical Application

Understanding The Art Of Meditation

Meditation Allows You To See…


Deep within your soul, discovering what makes you so unique.
Pausing the mind from excessive thoughts, you begin to focus on self, surroundings and heart.
Through curious inquiry, the mind explores physical feelings, sensations and sounds entice and excite your inner child.
As the breath guides you through this journey around the perplexing expansions of the body, mind, spirit, and earth. Even the faint whispers of past pains and joy re-emerge.
The stillness of a resting soul brings about enlightenment through peace, self-discovery, tranquility, and release of control.
It opens up the heart to freedom and serenity, expanding your understanding of self, connection, and inner peace.

~Mindful Meditations~

Here You Can Take Time To Refocus The Mind And Recapture Stillness In The Present Moment

This not to be taken as medical or life advice and is not designed to diagnose, treat, fix, or cure any ailment or disease. Please seek professional services as necessary.

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