Gain Strength, Flexibility & Confidence through fluidity


Unite the breath with fluid motion for a lean physique define through joy

Movement should be functional, fun and do no harm.  Choose movements that will lead to long, lean muscles without injury, even when challenged by autoimmune conditions or fatigue. 


Take classes anywhere you find solace.

Virtual Classes 

Gain strength and confidence in the comfort of your own home with one of these approaches to fitness. 

Trapeze Yoga

Do you like unconventional approaches in wellness?  If so, Trapeze Yoga is for you! Trapeze Yoga is a fun way to build strength and confidence. Come and Hang out for a virtual yoga experience that will give you increase strength, flexibility and make you smile upside-down!

Why Choose Trapeze Yoga?

Trapeze Yoga relieves pressure from the spine and challenges the body without high impact movement. Please, its a great alternative to traditional gym workouts. 

Ballet-Barre Fusion

Lengthen and tone, stretch and strengthen with this a unique approach to Barre.

This fusion combines full-range movement with pulsing and dance to build lean stength without exasterbating inflammatory conditions.

Gain muscular endurance strength through small muscle recuitment while smiling with joy with this approach to body toning, no heavy weights required.

Class Options

Walk For Health Series

Walking is a great way to strengten your heart and move your body, especially when dealing with chronic conditions for which many activities further exsaterbate the condition. 

This program combines walking and low-impact movements for a fun walk to stay in shape.

Weekly Classes

Take weekly session to keep you mentally grounded, emotionally healthy and physically strong in the comfort of your own home.

Private Sessions

Get individualize sessions for your unique body and circumstances virtual. Tailor made as unique as you.

Become A

Get Discounted Access to Weekly Sessions

2022 Virtual Summer Gratitude Retreat

Enjoy a weekend of self-compassion, nourishment classes, poetry, emotional detox and more, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Get to know my story, my passion and my drive to helping others thrive through movement.

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