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Time hacks. We all know them. We all love them. Why? Think about it. Time and people are the two most valuable resources we have; neither is replaceable. My key focus is on supporting others with reducing (dis)tress and learning ways to better capitalize your time is key for the mental wellbeing of business owners.

With the paperback copy release of my book Master Your Mind, Mind Your Message being released this holiday season, I felt another assessment of time hacks for entrepreneurs and business owners was due.


I looked at what has helped me the most starting as a business owner, as a single mother, and as someone transitioning to a more eco-centric lifestyle. After all, streamlining processes will leave you with more time to do what you love!

First and foremost, finding a great platform to support your industry and keep you organized. For me as a Coach, I tried Practice Better and Satoria first. While they were good platforms, for me Satoria had room to improve for streamlining, and Practice Better has so many features, it was overwhelming for me. Still, they are both great platforms. Finding a platform that works well for you and your niche is important. You may even consider using a Personal Assistant! Look for what makes life implied by combining many features you require to run your business efficiently, try it out, and then let the AI do the rest. For me,* was the platform match made in heaven. It allows me to connect with my clients while connecting with a community of other coaches. Other coaching platforms like Coaching Cloud also do this for coaches, but maybe for you, it is a Facebook community or a SCORE group and mentor. Support from an AI platform coupled with support from others in your field will not only reduce stress but allow you to learn from their mistakes, possibly saving time over the long haul.

Another way to manage your business without sacrificing all of your time is to automate your online presence. Let’s face it. Having a presence on Social Media is essential for growth. It is one way we stay connected and allows our community to establish an authentic rapport with us. But, it can be a HUGE time suck (excuse my French). Seriously, it can take up so much time. I wanted to find a way to ensure I could stay connected with my audience without investing so much time into posting that I did not have the bandwidth to connect with my clients or my son. Not cool! Eco-health in this space is all about balance. So, I did some research and found 2 great options! MeetEdgar* and Smarterqueue*! Both afforded me the opportunity to expand my reach in an authentic way. I made the post in advance and the system did the rest. It is great! You can use block scheduling to implement and categorize your posts with both services. Personally, I fell in love with Smarterqueue, so much so that I am heading there for their Sale to get a 40% discount! It is so intuitive, simple and I want to use it. It is also exciting when people see the post and respond because it impacted them in a positive manner; that is what it is really all about anyway.

Ok, let’s sum up our talk for today:

  • Find a platform, niche-specific, that helps you stay organized and connected with your customers or clients.

  • Consider a Personal Assistance to handle tasks that will free up your time to do more creative work that only you can birth.

  • Connect with others in your field, find a mentor or a platform that serves as your organizer and connection hub.

  • Choose to automate Social Media in a way that you can still be authentically engaged with your audience. They deserve the best of you and this allows you to bring that in more than one way!

If you still feel you need support with maintaining balance for your health and your business, there are still slots available in my 60-Day Rapid Wellness Reset Program. Email me for details.

Hope that was helpful. Until next time, stay amazing, stay well, and remember to never let anyone dim your light!

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