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Who Am I?

How Life Has Defined My Journey

Hi, I Am Lashanda, A Certified Master Trainer, Barre & Cardio Kickboxing Instructor, Trauma Yoga & Trapeze Teacher, And A Holistic Nutritionist Who Focuses On Holistic Health And Wellness Through Coaching.

Why So Many Disciplines, You Ask?

Well, For One, I Feel It Is Important To Offer A Holistic Approach To Wellness That Helps Bolster The Lives Of Others And Being Multi-Facet Has Allowed Me To Help Others In Different Stages Of Life. Besides, I Wasn’t Always Holistic Minded In My Approach.

~My Journey~

From Sodas to Smoothies

It Is No Surprise…

Life happens, and at the time, we think nothing of the seemingly small and insignificant moments of life that accumulate and begin to shape our reality.

Overwork and chronic stress began to shape my self-care habits. Drinking liters of soda, barely eating any real food, lack of sleep, and little rest resulted in me ballooning in size, diminishing my already small level of self-worth. A blood disorder, among other things, further complicated the issue.

Then, I discovered the gym! Silly, but true. My journey began with walking and weights. From there, I lost 50 pounds at one location and an additional 20 at another. In less than a year, I lost a total of 70 pounds, and I was hooked. 

I wanted to share fitness with the world, and that is when I became a Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, and Cardio Kickboxing Instructor. I further my studies to ensure I could specialize with specific population groups, leading to a Master Trainer Certification. I was able to trainer military members struggling with their fitness assessments and more. To name a few:

  • In charge of the Physical Fitness Program for 288 personnel 

  • Organized & Taught Group Fitness Classes to military members who struggled to stay fit

  • Shadowed a Registered Dietitian for a Military Health & Wellness Facility 

  • 4 Time Special Guest Speaker and Wellness Courses for the base populace 

  • Coached 6 people as Holistic Nutritionist

I loved the way it made me feel.
Working out is a natural antidepressant.

All Was Well, Until 2014. After A Healthy Pregnancy, I Became Sick. VERY SICK And No, Doctors Could NOT Help Me. My Body Was Shutting Down, And The Autoimmunity Issues Grow In Number. Depending Upon The Medical Professional, I Was Either Given Drugs To Mask My Symptoms Or Evil Looks As They Started To Think It Was All In My Head, Despite The Medical Diagnostic Test Results Showing Something Was Wrong. Some Even Resorted To “Google,” Right In Front Of Me. They Were Stumped. And Despite My Best Efforts To Stay Healthy, My Spouts Of Remissions Became Fewer And Further Between. This Was Ironic As Just A Year Prior, I Was Healthy And Gave Birth To A Beautiful Baby Boy, But Then, Despite All Of My Knowledge, My Body Was Deteriorating, And I Felt Helpless.

From Fitness Fanatic to Sick & Ill

I Was Dumbfounded

How could everything I have been taught no longer serve me after being healthy for so many years? What was the underlying cause, and why were my organs failing and then being restored without the help of the doctors?

I had stopped the drugs and tried to fix my situation on my own. Finally, in 2015, I started to see the light. I felt better, my body did not hurt, no more hair loss, and most of all, I felt in control. What did I do different during this phase? I did a study that forced me to examine my past and address some underlying hurts and truths; some I could barely remember. At the time, I did not think much of it until 2017, when the impossible happened; not only was I sick again, but it was worse, much worst. In fact, I almost died.

From Remission to Death Bed and Back Again

The Final Chapter In This Trilogy Almost Ended With My Last Breath

After nearly two years of reclaimed health, again, my body began to betray me. My organs were failing; heart, kidney, and decreased lung capacity. My digestive track turned against me, and no amount of healthy nourishment seemed to be enough. Fatigue overtook me, sunlight overwhelmed me, and the amount of hair in the sink makes my heart drop. My ability to swallow was so compromised, I was told I would need surgery to fix it. Random swelling throughout my body would come and go, as would fluid retention, and my ability to function mentally or be a great mom was comprised.

The latter was the most devastating. Once again, three hospitals and countless specialists later, I was nowhere; in fact, worst off than before. So, I took the initiative to resolve my issue. Ironically, I was going to school for healthy lifestyle coaching, and here I was, no longer able to maintain my rapidly declining health. So what was the missing link? What was I overlooking?

That’s when I discovered the premise behind “psychoneuroimmunology” and learned how chronic stress and trauma can manifest itself physically. Thinking back, years prior having been diagnose with non-combat-related PSTD and having been someone who tends to take on the burden of others often, without rest, my course for how to reclaim my health was finally set.

I extended my studies to a lifestyle more suited for someone dealing with or has dealt with chronic, prolonged stress, trauma, autoimmunity issues, mental health crisis, and loss of parasympathetic rebound and vagal tone.





  • YOGA (RYT-200)






I did it! I healed not only my physical body, except for my achalasia, from which I am grateful my amazing surgeon helped me overcome, but have also restore my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to a healthy state. Yes, I still have the occasional issues when I overextend myself and this process has been slow, but largely, my health has been restored. Yeah sure, I still have autoimmune issues but I have found a way to navigate them. Taking it day by day, I am regaining my strength and restoring my health. A holistic approach combining mindful holistic approach to whole foods, plant-based lifestyle with a high emphasis on the INCLUSION of healthy fats, and physical movement that focused on gentle strengthening workouts has been key. I traded my gym card for a yoga mat and my eggs for chickpeas. But most of all, I rediscovered my vitality through resiliency, mindset resets and self-care! I lost so much strength but the blessings in this journey is being alive to recover. From here my purpose began to flourish.

Now, I am on a journey to help others in their quest to be joyful and healthy.  I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, but I am trained in certain practices that can complement your wellness journey to restored health.

Like many of you, I am a survivor of Emotional & Narcissistic Abuse, Rape and Depression. So, if you have dealt with any of these issues, I personally am not trained to help you with the mental health aspect, and I URGE you to seek the care that you deserve. Still, I WILL gladly journey alongside you as a complement to your wellness team through the use of conducive fitness regimens, holistic health coaching, and encouragement! Whether in person or via video, I will be here to assist you!

I cannot and will not say that I will be able to heal you; again, I am not a doctor. What I will do is support you in your journey through encouragement and help you restore a sense of self-compassion and self-love, avoiding judgment. My life’s journey, experiences, research, professional educational training, and personal encounters with countless other women, warriors like ourselves, has led me to believe it is my duty to serve other women, sharing my story and wisdom. This is the best way I know how to help bolster others’ well-being: as a complement to their current health and wellness team helping them connect the dots between the hidden link of trauma and nutrition, rest, and inner peace. 

My vision is to make this a community, aiding others in their quest to reclaim their health, and it would be an honor and my privilege to work with you.

From Dis-ease to Pleased

From Health To Hell And Back Again

You guys, this is really challenging, but I feel giving you an honest overview of my tale will help you to better understand my desire to help other women to reclaim their health, in spite of life’s trials. I will tell you, this is an overview, but a book with more details will be released this year for all those who seek to find encouragement from and learn from my storm. Thank you for trusting me to help you along your journey to healing; as you are willing to share your journey with me, that is another reason I felt led to share with you. Stay blessed ladies.

Without further ado, here is an auditory account of my story.

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