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Mindfulness starts with intention. Breath control starts with a clear mind. The breath clears the mind. Forever these elements are intertwine. Use them to stifle health decline. For only through intention can you keep your health, body, mind and breath aligned.  


Take classes anywhere you find solace.

Classes & Retreats

Online classes and virtual retreats allow for you to gain stillness of mind and cultivate self-compassion in the comfort of your own home.

Why Self-Compassion Yoga?

Self-compassion is the art of self-acceptance.  When one is able to accept themselves, they are able to extend grace and kindness towards the reflection they see in the mirror, acknowledging that we all have flaws and shortcoming through the lens of understanding that onl serves as seeds to root us stronger and help us grow.

They are understanding rather than self-critical and intentionally  appreciation of one’s flaws and shortcomings.  This practice can bring peace to inner turmoil, with the possibly outcome of better mental health and self-image. Combined with the benefits of yoga, one can reap both mental and physical benefits.

2022 Virtual Summer Gratitude Retreat

Enjoy a weekend of self-compassion, nourishment classes, poetry, emotional detox and more, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Get to know my story, my passion and my drive to helping others thrive through movement.

“I felt such a release in the self-compassion class; it was a great experience.”

“Lashanda takes into consideration that everyone has a unquie body and modified the program to help me progress at a good pace. ”

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