Simple Things are Hard to Find

Transitioning to an eco-sustainable lifestyle can be challenging but we can do it, one step at a time.

Today, let’s look at shopping options. 


This transition is continuing and to progress my transition, I have even come up with a homemade bread recipe. There are so many items to change out and changes to make.  Even finding vegetables during this lockdown not draped in plastic feels like an overwhelming feat.  Still, I try and make progress day by day; one change at a time.  Now, I am noticing that my ability to buy what I need in one location is severely limited.  A small number of items from here, a household staple from there. It can be a bit frustrating. 


Key Finds

Photo By: EarthHero


Still, I have found some gems in this sea of noise and confusion.  EarthHero* is an online store where you can find a plethora of items to reduce your footprint while living well.  From items to birthday gifts and everything in between, they not only have a selection from different eco-friendly companies but they also even give additional details about the company or product’s impact on the environment and chemical content.  They call it the sustainability features; how appropriate!

So, if you are looking for zero waste, eco-friendly, recycled/upcycled products often shipped in earth friendly packaging, check out this site to see if it meets your eco-transition needs.


Sustainable Options


Labels to shop your values


Carbon Neutral Shipping

The Ultimate Green Store & Ecocollective

The Ultimate Green Store* is truly a store for the person with limited time and a strong desire to shop green. Just as with EarthHero, you can get everything from mattresses to yoga gear, cooking items and everything in between.   

The other site I found is Ecocollective.  Not as robust as EarthHero or The Ultimate Green Store, the Ecocollective does have items to care for your body and home without sacrificing our beautiful Earth.  Still, there are so many different items I am searching for that I have not found an alternative for, primarily for my hair care needs, but that is for another day.  Let me know what you think of these suggestions and if you know of any other one-stop shops to try out.

Photo By: EarthHero


Minimal Ingredients




Organic Ingredients

Final Thoughts

But wait, there’s a new one I just found!

Hey, let’s face it. This is a lifestyle adjustment, that’s for sure, but I would much rather transition to shopping at places like MadeTerra who seek to compensate people for their talents and creates, than companies of convenience who may be stealing tips from their drivers and overworking their employees.  It is hard because the convenience is so familiar and at times, I am unable to find what I need at some locations, but I will keep making progress one change at a time.  No, it’s not about perfection.  After all, I do still buy electronics, but it is about being more intentional with my purchases.

Next time, I will discuss moving from cheap furniture to lasting items and the challenges with that process.   


My final thoughts are to remember that sustainable options promote wellness for not just me, or you, but the community at large on a physical and financial level.  It promotes equity, equality, and sustainability of our precisions Earth’s resources, all of which impact you physiologically.

To best find a solution, research and diligence are required.  There is no perfect solution for everyone but we can make small changes to find options that will work for us.  After all, we want to improve our health, not increase our stress levels. If you are still not certain of the best approach, consider homemade, second-hand or supporting local or small businesses like Etsy to find your needs and support your ability to thrive.

 Until next time.


Until next time, keep making progress, one step at a time.

Note: Honesty is very important, therefore I want to let you know that for any use of some of the links provided, I will get a small commission at no expense to you for items purchased. Only links that will provide you true values, save you time, reduce your stress, bolster your health and support you and the planet through eco-holistic principles will be posted. Values are important. 

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