There is a rush of excitement.  I am going to make a lifestyle transition that will not only benefit my child’s future, but that of all children.  It will make a small drop in the grand scheme but when combined with the small efforts of others, a noticeable difference will occur.  I want to make a difference.  I want to make a change. No more shopping at stores that gauge its workers or drivers, no more getting items made with unethical means like modern-day slavery.  No more choosing plastic and convenience over the welfare of our Earth and the ocean; I am going to make a change.  Or so I thought in my naivety.  This transition has been so difficult.  Every time I think I have found a solution; another roadblock or decision appears.  There have been hours and days of frustration, looking for long-term solutions that really will make a difference and in the midst of one evening of frustration I realized, it is not just me. I am not along in wanting to make a solid change for the betterment of the planet and humankind.  So, I decided it would be essential for me to tell my story in hopes that with each passing lesson learned from this journey, someone can be spared from a headache or hour missed with their loved one.  No dishonestly here; just transparency.  I will do my best to present stores working to avoid greenwashing or mixed advertisement, sparing you with long hours of content and work to get to the point because let’s face it, we all have lives to live and not much time to spare. 

So, without further ado, the first in my exploration towards sustainability: Online grocery stores.  This is the most frustrating of all! In my quest to find a store with a sustainable shopping model, I have only found a small list with pros and cons for each.  Below is my assessment. seemed promising.  An online grocery store that has plastic free packaging.  Yes, many package free stores still have some plastic from the distribution points, but they were working hard to provide a sustainable model. Unfortunately, at this time, they are temporary closed.  Hopefully, they will reopen again soon. Learn more about them to see on their site.

Then I found  They truly are a zero-waste online grocery store that even deliveries.  They have subscription options for only $25 a month and use jars to service their clients, which they clean with a commercial grade washer for proper sanitation purposes.  The only downside, they currently only service in the Los Angeles and Bay Area.  So, if you are living in this region, check out this innovation company to see if their values resonate with you! I hope they are able to expand with shelf items one day too!

The Wally Shop or, is an online grocery store that allows customers to purchase items in reusable containers.  The downside is that the jars are made of PU materials.  Still, they are truly seeking to reduce the world’s plastic usage with a sustainable model, with delivery to the continental US. They seem like the choice pick.

Well, at the end of this first leg of the journey.  I will let you know more as the journey continues.  If you have used any of these services, please give more insight.

Until next time, remember small steps of progress are still steps forward and steps backwards just give us lessons to learn from, share insight and grow.

Note: The following is based upon my own experiences and should in no way be taken as anything other than insights from one person.  Your perspectives and experiences may differ, and both are value-added to the table.  Also note, that while I do use get commissions from some of my insights learned as a customer or consumer, I have no affiliation with any of these great companies.  If ever I do, you will see an asterisk to let you know, as honesty and transparency are key and important. 

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